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Better Half Dead


Rena is sick of her sinking beach house and her husband Dermot, a disinherited son of "The Landfill King." She's packing, taking a gun and returning to her first husband, the artist Stanley Riverstein. Stanley wants his painting returned with his ex wife. Dermont protests, there is a struggle, the gun goes off and Rena falls to the floor dead. Stanley will remove the body, for a price. Dermot agrees. Rena's sister Jodi, who was dumped by Dermot but still loves him, is told that Rena has gone back to Stanley. Dermont fails to mention the gun, the body or blackmail. But wait! Things are not what they seem. Who's shot and who's not? And why? Is another murder imminent? The mayhem includes a storm, a disguise, a strangulation and a murderous fur coat.

"Wicked dialogue. Very clever." - The Chicago Tribune

"Wonderfully wacky." - DramaLogue

"A real twister! Hilarious!" - The Star Telegram

"The play is a howl." - WMAQ Radio