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Antigone in New York is a 1993 play written by Janusz Głowacki and translated/adapted by Joan Torres.


Selected by TIME Magazine as one of the ten best plays of the year, Antigone in New York concerns a homeless Puerto Rican woman who wants to steal the body of her lover from Potter's Field and bury it in a city park. She and her accomplices, two homeless Eastern European refugees, end up with the wrong body and a myriad of problems.

"Witty and acerbic." - TIME Magazine

"As comic as it is devastating, this dark, giddy play derives its power from the sinister fusion of impossibility with truth." - Time Out

"Hilarious." - The New York Times

"Homelessness, Glowacki seems to be saying,... is a condition of the soul." - New York Post


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Fortinbras Gets Drunk is a 1991 play written by Janusz Głowacki and translated/adapted by Joan Torres.


Fortinbras Gets Drunk retells the story of Hamlet from a Norwegian point of view. The play focuses on Fortinbras, Prince of Norway, who discovers the plot of a Norwegian minister and his assistant to wipe out the entire Norwegian dynasty, and thus to seize power in Norway.

”That Fortinbras is a wickedly funny play… I guess, it’s really about the final end of politics as a moral quantity - all that remains of it is the lifeboat situation - places for eight with twelve people trying to get in… Still Głowacki’s work has some kind of hope secretly hidden in it. Maybe it’s only because it makes laughter - if you don’t burst the stitches and bleed to death.” - Arthur Miller

Fortinbras Gets Drunk brilliantly mirrors the machinations of contemporary global politics.” - The Los Angeles Times